Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions Service Contract Gran Pudú is represented by  Mauricio Espinoza, and for legal purposes, both are responsible for ‘Gran Pudú’ and each of its services. This contract is assumed by ‘Gran Pudú’ and whoever identifies themselves by filling out the electronic form for service request, where the following has been agreed:


a) Gran Pudú reserves the right to provide Web Hosting to any person or institution that, in its daily activities, harms the environment and its fauna (hydroelectric plants, pulp mills, fossil fuel-related companies, hunters, etc).

b) The client agrees to contract the requested service with ‘Gran Pudú’, under the modality stated in clause Second of this document, which allows the provision to be granted through the infrastructure of ‘Gran Pudú’. This server can be accessed or visited by Internet users.


The Web Hosting Service will be provided according to the Megabytes packages published on our website, each with particular conditions and characteristics. These are subject to changes over time, although they will not be modified once obtained.


‘Gran Pudú’ will not be responsible for the following issues related to the Web Hosting service: Existing Domain, Published Domain, Domain Continuity, and Domain in dispute or any other conditional or restriction. a) If a domain is lost once the service is contracted, the client may indicate a new domain to add. b) In the case of new contracts, the client may withdraw their domain, and ‘Gran Pudú’ can replace the account with the new chosen domain.


‘Gran Pudú’ is not responsible for the following events: a) Misuse of access accounts to servers. ‘Gran Pudú’ recommends its clients to have a backup of all the information they maintain on our servers. b) Earthquakes. c) Fires in our facilities. d) Cuts in international or national links. e) Power cuts. f) DNS identification on our server. g) Theft or attack on our facilities.


Regarding any problem mentioned in point 4, ‘Gran Pudú’ commits to providing an immediate response, and in the case of being our problem, to solve it within 24 hours.


‘Gran Pudú’ will not have any responsibility for the content that the client publishes or stores on the server site of ‘Gran Pudú’. However, ‘Gran Pudú’ may terminate this service at any time if, in its judgment, the information stored on its server is in conflict with the current law in Chile or Australia, or if, in the judgment of ‘Gran Pudú’, it affects third parties. The client agrees not to saturate the server with any program that affects the performance of the service and to back up their information hosted on the server. SPAM (massive sending of unwanted emails) is not allowed. Hosting copyrighted, adult, or any kind of content that violates the law is not allowed. In case of breaking this rule, ‘Gran Pudú’ may deliver any information to the relevant authorities. Regarding open-source Web applications and solutions (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.), it is the client’s responsibility to keep the applications up to date and take necessary measures to prevent intrusions and malicious use of them. ‘Gran Pudú’ may immediately terminate the service if it is demonstrated that the application installed by the client compromises the server’s security, and there will be no refund for the canceled Web Hosting plan.


The commercial conditions of this service may be modified by ‘Gran Pudú’, with prior notification to the client at least 30 days before the new conditions take effect. This notification